Road-building works

SMU “Vyborgsky” successfully carries out a complex of road-building works:

  • Earthworks.
  • Road-building with all covering types.
  • Reconstruction and building of highways.
  • Works on current repair and of highways and road constructions.
  • Tile paving.
  • Accomplishment of industrial objects (territory, storages, workshops, administrative premises)
  • Soil transportation.
  • Dismantling of buildings and constructions.

We own a park of all the necessary equipment for road-building, and if necessary we are able to provide in the shortest terms specialized and non-typical machinery.
A list of the machinery of SMU “Vyborgsky”:

Besides, we own a complex of equipment for building, which allows us solve the problems at works of different scale.

For more detailed information please address to the service department of SMU “Vyborgsky” by telephone 812 3145462 or e-mail