Repair and furnish of apartments, offices, commercial premises

Our experts have a considerable experience in performing of cosmetic and major repairs and furnishing of apartments, offices and commercial premises.

Principal types of carried out works:
  • Multilevel ceilings.
  • Dismantle of old and installation of new partitions.
  • Smoothing of wall surfaces, papering, decorative furnishing.
  • New floor coverings (a parquet, a tile, a laminate, linoleum)
  • Installation of walls, arches, niches and apertures with difficult constructions.
  • Installation of a new cold and hot water supply with a replacement of old sanitary engineering devices.
  • Installation of new electroconducting, television and telephone lines.
  • Installation of heat-insulated floors in damp premises.
  • Revetment of bathrooms and kitchens by tile and panels.
  • Furnishing of loggia , balconies, glass covering and warming.
  • Replacement of doors, window blocks, window sills.
  • New floor coverings (a parquet, a tile, a laminate, a laminate)
  • Delivery of materials.
  • Preparation of the estimate and the schedule diagram of performance of works.

Our advantages.

  • All works are carried out by experts of high level with an experience of working on similar objects of different scales – from repair of flats to reconstruction of large industrial objects and building of commercial and residential buildings, and all this helps our experts to use their experience in solving problems more efficiently.
  • A single master is controlling all the works and is responsible for the object, that’s why our clients know to who to address with the questions connected with the object.
  • Conducting of the estimate and schedule diagram of works allows our clients to control the budget and terms of works.
  • A complex approach to repair works reduces risks of the client by controlling the whole cycle of repair works.
  • Working out of projects and performance of client’s functions (the license for realization of the given activity)
  • Responsibility insurance before the client and the third parties.
  • Guarantee obligations for the performed works –up to 2 years.

For more detailed information please address to the service department of SMU “Vyborgsky” by telephone 812 3145462 or e-mail