Legal support

Consulting and real estate operations is a separate branch of the activity of SMU “Vyborgsky”

Frequently our clients face the necessity not only in conducting of building works and designing, but also the need in estimating of possible risks at project realization, preparation of the allowing documentation and registration of rights of property (land, incompleted construction)

We have a command of high-class experts, capable of solving questions of both legal character and questions connected with an economic estimation of an object. We control the situation in the housing market in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and we are ready for estimating of a project appeal of a potential investor. And our experience in building allows us to conduct this estimation in respect to reality of building and find reserves for reduction of expenses at manufacturing of research, project and building and assembly works.

The experts of our company will make a legal examination of the documentation on a concrete site, will organize a transaction on object of the real estate and will offer safe schemes of calculations. If necessary our experts will organize optimal variants of the repayment of ground areas for building and real estate proprietors.

Our professional staff and experience are capable of solving problems connected with development of the real estate and separate objects.

The realized projects:
  • Krapivny lane 4 – the organization of the repayment of the ground area in the private property.
  • The street of Pilots 4 – the organization of the repayment of the ground area in the property.

For more detailed information please address to the service department of SMU “Vyborgsky” by telephone 812 3145462 or e-mail