General contract

SMU “Vyborgsky” accommodates a full complex of works on realization of the general contract:

  • If necessary, a modification of design-estimating documentation.
  • Working out, approval and control over the execution of schedules of manufacturing of works.
  • Carrying out of tenders and the conclusion of contracts with subcontractors on equipment delivery, performance of works and services.
  • The organization of assembly and commissioning works.
  • Delivery of materials and the equipment to the building site.
  • Quality control over explotable materials, designs and the equipment.
  • The control over observance of requirements of supervising services.
  • Technical supervision of building, conformity of volume, costs and qualities of project works, budget calculations and contract prices, building standards and rules of manufacturing and acceptance of these works.
  • Performance of excavations by own forces.
  • Works on dismantling of buildings and constructions.
  • Monolithic constructions, road-building, accomplishment of territories, installation of hardware, soft roofing and insulating works, installation of heating-systems, hot and cold water supply, the water drain, painting and decorating in premises, repair of facades.

For more detailed information please address to the service department of SMU “Vyborgsky” by telephone 812 3145462 or e-mail