Functions of customer-builder

SMU “Vyborgsky” is capable of successful carrying out of functions of customer-builder.

At projecting:
  • Making up of initial data for projecting of building objects;
  • Developing of investment intensions and technical-economic basis;
  • Receiving of technical conditions for joining of engineering communications;
  • Preparation of a task for projecting;
  • Technical maintainability of project stage (control over the development of project-estimating documentation, its coordination in a set order)

At building:
  • Registration of the allowing documentation on building and reconstruction.
  • Selection of the contractor and the subcontractor.
  • Technical supervision and control over the quality, terms and costs of the construction and commissioning works.
  • The budgetary control over an expenditure of means of the customer.
  • Acceptance of the finished object.

For more detailed information please address to the service department of SMU “Vyborgsky” by telephone 812 3145462 or e-mail